RPM Stocker

Remote Patient Management (RPM) is the increasingly popular modality of telehealth. Producing convenient out-of-hospital care and reducing costs, this solution uses sensor technologies and cellular connectivity to allow healthcare institutions and professionals to be further informed about the status of their at-risk or chronic patients.

DN Telehealth has created an unique solution around RPM that is beneficial for everyone, including patient, provider and clinicians.


Our remote patient monitoring is passive when possible, and active when necessary, and promotes fewer hospital re-admissions and shorter hospital stays. Countless times it has even led to improved clinical outcomes, because of high quality devices we use in our program and raw and constant real time monitoring, providing your patients with the proverbial three legged stool of care below.


Our telemonitoring Program is designed to reduce RTA and monitor long after. Our team brings easy-to-use equipment to your home, installs it for you and shows you how to use it.


Historic and real-time data views, trend graphs, thresholds & notifications and alerts, based on clinical pathways and plan of care geared towards preventing readmission and RTA.


Immediate ROI through our telemedicine and telehealth platform by providing PCP follow up, MD notifications, Alarm assessments, Care coordination, Rx reconciliation.

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