Have face to face conversations with a caregiver on your computer or mobile device.

Designed For:

Smartphones, Tablets, Computers, Embedded Systems, Medical Devices

Medical advice the moment you need it. No appointments. No waiting.


Open to both clinicians and patients, the convenience and flexibility of self-scheduling is proven to reduce attrition rates and increase program adoption by providing alternative scheduling options.

Predictive Healthcare

Making “big data” small by analyzing and leveraging all collected data to create cohorts of patients for prediction of future outcomes, probabilities and trends that may affect and aid your patient population.

Custom Workflow

Our platform can be fully customized to create a unique experience to match your organization’s style, clinical pathways and protocols, features and functionalities that can be configured in a matter of hours.

Staff Efficiency

Dynamic waiting room, payment portal, insurance verification, patient community portal, prescription history, hold my place, and many other  self-serve functionalities.

Live Medical Interpretation

Immediate, reliable, secure and on-demand video medical interpreting for the limited English proficiency patient, covering over 70+ languages. Diaspora Medicine meets Telemedicine.

Telemedicine/Telehealth Rules

Defining what each state constitutes as telehealth/telemedicine based on geo-location to establish what state rules apply.

Cross-State Licensing

Based on individual state rules and licensing requirements that allow an out-of-state provider to render services via telemedicine in a state where they are located.

Secured Synchronous / Asynchronous Video Consults

Clinicians can answer questions, assess conditions, ePrescribe and even provide video detail discharge instructions if needed as part of a value based or bundle payment program.

Online Prescribing

Based on individual state’s regulation, our e-Prescribing software allows clinicians to submit electronic prescriptions, pre-authorizations and make price recommendations based on preferred pharmacies.

CMS / Medicaid and Private Payer Reimbursement

Based on established state regulation requirements for the type of services and type of provider that can be reimbursed. E.g. telemedicine, remote patient monitoring, and telemonitoring.

Your Own App

Serve your clients with your own iOS and Android app customized and download ready in the Apple AppStore and Google Play Store.

Set Your Own Price

Offer your telemedicine consultations on a fee per service, on a concierge model, or DTC (direct to consumer) model, based on your patient demographics.

Source Video Consults

Clinicians can accept or decline new patient visit requests based on their own availability. Offer telemedicine to your own patients or participate on a DTC model.

Set Your Own Schedule

Make your practice available online at your convenience. Reduce patient attrition rates through alternative appointment options.

On Demand Training and Support

Access to private clinical discussion boards, clinical pathways, guidelines, and on demand live 24×7 support.