The evolution of the US healthcare system will continue to place pressures on all participants to develop the capabilities to participate in value based payments (VBP).


These days hospital discharge is just a recovery phase, and some patients, either deliberately or accidentally, fail to follow their physician’s instructions when transitioning, which contributes to high Return to Acuity (RTA) in Post Acute.

The DN Telehealth Platform has an integrated solution with Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring that is specifically geared towards reducing RTA.


DN Telehealth brings a responsive Telemedicine Solutions for your residents, their families and your community partners in a variety of locations (IPRs, SNFs, ALFs, and ILFs). Our HIPAA complaint platform aids in the transitional care, or the care received when a patient either moves from one healthcare facility to the other, or from a healthcare facility to a home.


The key to delivering value for our clients is our ability to provide care continuity across the healthcare continuum. The drive for clinical excellence, innovation and early adoption provides the recipe to DNT’s key differentiation in Telemedicine and RPM.

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