Medical Tourism Is the process of “leaving home” for treatments and care abroad or elsewhere domestically.


It is an emerging phenomenon in the health care industry, born out
increasing healthcare costs and patients willing to travel to obtain
care that is both safe and less costly.

Medical tourists pay for their care out of pocket


and rely on medical travel facilitators to act as intermediary or primary point of contact between patients and health care providers, with little to no coordination of care with their Primary/specialty care or family at home.
DN Telehealth will transform the way you provide care by allowing Medical Tourists to connect with you from anywhere.



Full service concierge type care starting at the host country and concluding with care and rehabilitation in the home country.


DNTelehealth’s platform enhances connectedness between physicians, patients and everyone involved in care which has never before been achievable.

Continuity of care


Offer pre and post-operative care as well as reducing readmission at home by following up recovery instructions using Telemedicine.

  • Our Features Include:

    • Live Video Consults
    • Recorded Video Consults
    • Live Medical Interpretation
    • Remote Monitoring Programs
    • Secure Payment Processing
    • Provider/Peer Conferencing
    • Secure Medical Records Uploads

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