DNT v3 transforms the way to deliver care using a person-centric, measurable, scalable approach that strengthens consumer engagement and optimizes healthfulness to lower healthcare costs.


Our custom tailored features are designed to fit the needs of healthcare organizations and their workflow to enhance quality of care while increasing efficiency to deliver the very best patient outcomes.

Convenience ~ Compliance ~ Flexibility


Remote Monitoring

Tele-Monitoring Programs aimed to reduce Hospital Re-admissions and decrease in RTA (Return to Acuity) Staying connected with access to the timely information needed to ensure safety and quality of care to promote better outcomes.

Devices and Wearables

Set the stage for patients and clinicians to be on the same page with ubiquitous and pervasive wearable and medical devices for real-time healthcare management.

Secured Synchronous/Asynchronous Video Consultations

Clinicians can answer questions, assess conditions, ePrescribe and even provide video detail discharge instructions, if needed as part of a value based or bundle payment program.

EMR/EHR API integration (HL7/ FHIR)

Integrate directly with your existing EMR/EHR to have access to view Labs, prescriptions, video discharge notes, radiology files, open notes, etc. as part of the patient’s PHR. (Personal Health Record).

Provider / Caregiver Conferencing

Giving you the capability to have your provider or doctor to invite other participants, such as a specialist, family member, caregiver, into a live video visit, regardless of what platform they use.

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