DN Telehealth and Lumeon are proud to be partners leading the way in patient engagement for Population Management and Employee Wellness.


Lumeon’s revolutionary platform, Care Pathway Manager, combined with DN Telehealth’s award winning Telemedicine and Remote Patient Monitoring platform deliver a new standard of excellence in virtual care.

Care Pathway Manager is our secure cloud-based platform that provides a single, real-time view of the entire continuum of care, from referral to outcome. Patients are automatically reminded when to schedule virtual visits, complete personal health assessments and other activities based on Care Pathway criteria.

Patient data is shared seamlessly across the platform including EMRs using HL7 & ADT. Providing both accuracy and consistency, we offer a truly unique opportunity in effectively addressing population management and employee wellness programs with the most advanced solutions in patient engagement and coordinated care. From start to finish, integrated patient data is used to automatically generate documents, suggest next steps in standardized care pathways and identify billable activity for reimbursement.

Employee Wellness

Care Pathway Manager provides a scalable solution in addressing Employee Wellness programs. Personalized engagement via patient portal, app, messaging and lifestyle goal tracking as well as measurable outcomes via Lumeon Analytics means your business is working at its best.

Patient Access

Patient access is made easy with customized, secure patient portals and care companion app, Lumeon Navigator. Patients can view their personal goals, complete health questionnaires and access other key resources to manage and improve their overall wellbeing.

Care Pathway

By creating digital pathway templates and automation rules, healthcare administrators define the values that determine when action is necessary in the patient’s care pathway. This can be based on events, thresholds and other indicating factors.

Data Integration

Patient data is dynamically sourced to touch every corner of the patient's health care journey. This level of consistency provides clinicians with a ``one stop shop`` for accessing key patient information.


Based on the patient’s care pathway, actions can be automated to include follow up reminders or in the event that clinical intervention is necessary, alerts can be sent to healthcare providers.

Advanced Analytics

Gain insight to the effectiveness of wellness programs- reporting on everything from ROI to appointment length. Empower your organization with the ability to measure and predict patient outcomes down to the smallest detail.

Ready to experience the next level of patient engagement?