Interview with Roque Espinal-Valdez, MD and CEO of DNTelehealth



Roque Espinal-Valdez

Founder and CEO, DN Telehealth


“As a business leader tasked with managing multiple startups, I often wrestle with the idiosyncratic ideas of functioning as a “Solutions Provider” or operating under the title of “Entrepreneur”. The more I learn about myself, the more I’ve come to understand that business agility and the dynamics of speed to market, are sometimes the cradle of entrepreneurial creativity. I’ve learned not to compete, but to facilitate and help influence the radical ideas that can bring upon CHANGE. If I am to be considered a “Provider”, then let it be because I am a purveyor of “Remarkable Consumer Experiences” and “Contributor of Exponential Innovations” , says Roque.

Roque is a US Navy Veteran and seasoned entrepreneur. He is known for completing complex healthcare projects within tight timeframes  and his ability to achieve immediate and long-term goals. Roque studied Internal Medicine in the Dominican Republic, and has a solid background on implementing Healthcare Policy, with significant exposure and experience in delivering programs under strict compliance standards including HIPAA, WICO, FDA, SOX and other regulatory requirements. One of his key strengths is being able to create and implement strategies for organizations to grow profits including entering new markets, diversifying product lines, accessing new distribution channels and re-engineering business processes in the US, Latin America and Europe. Roque has combined his clinical background to leverage how Health IT should be implemented, and became infatuated with the notion of helping bridge the gap between convenience and compliance, to bring flexibility and efficiencies to the healthcare industry.

In 2014, Roque founded DN Telehealth. DN Telehealth is a HIPAA-compliant Telehealth platform,  that provides world-wide  continuity of care and promote  connectedness between patients and healthcare providers, via web and mobile apps. They collaborate with organizations seeking to transform the way to deliver care, facilitating a seamless transition into Telemedicine, by providing a fully customized experience in order to deliver responsive healthcare solutions and to strengthen patient engagement and optimizing healthfulness to lower healthcare costs.

Roque recently joined our Fall 2016 Health IT Connections Program to make connections with the right people. “I’m definitely connecting and collaborating! One of the most significant moments that happened to our company this year so far, was having the pleasure of being a part of the Healthcare Cluster Innovation Summit this past March” says Roque. “There was tremendous intellectual capital under one room which was incredible, so much innovation and so many opportunities to collaborate with other companies.  At the summit I met Michael Pliskin of MedM, a past cohort member and exhibitor at the conference. I immediately saw the value that his solution was going to bring to us, and a partnership was born, one that now allows us to offer Remote Patient Monitoring to our clients. I walked 3 steps to the next booth and found iChoice, a device manufacturer and presently the company that we ended up partnering with to enhance our RPM offering. You can clearly see that the Health IT Connections Program provides extraordinary value for collaboration and partnerships within the tri-state area.”
“We are looking to expand our intellectual capital, there are three major reasons for us participating in this Health IT cluster. We want to have access to expert advisors that come and speak at each session, we gain collective knowledge which is just unprecedented and completely on point with the healthIT industry and being able to also hear from my peers, in an environment such as this one gives us all the opportunity to share our ideas and review what does and doesn’t make sense, especially since DN Telehealth embraces a new shift towards a more broadly encompassing,  digitized Health ecosystem” said Roque.

If you are interested in connecting with DN Telehealth or learning more about the Health IT Connections Program please contact: Tamara Williams, Marketing Support Planner at or visit




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