Managed Care

Create integrated delivery systems
around your members, where care is
delivered using all alternative models such
as MCOs, MSOs, ACO’s and Concierge Medicine.

Post-Acute Care

Responsive Telemedicine and Telehealth Solutions for your residents, their families and your community partners in a variety of locations (IPRs, SNFs, ALFs, and ILFs).

Remote Patient Monitoring

Reduce return to acuity and hospital readmissions with a real-time patient monitoring (telemonitoring) featuring an all in one integrated telemed/telehealth solution.

Medical Tourism

Provide world-wide continuity of care and promote connectedness between patients and healthcare providers inbound and outbound.

Specialty Pharmacy

Provide better buying experiences for patients seeking alternative therapies and Class II Medical Devices through a direct to consumer model (DTC) via Telemedicine.

Private Practice

Reduce patient attrition and promote engagement by providing the most
advanced Telemedicine experience via web and mobile apps.

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